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shisaiga ([personal profile] shisaiga) wrote2009-12-04 09:36 am
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Aaaand another post

Two days ago I realized things couldn't go on like this: I had been spamming [ profile] ebisuaday with butt pictures for weeks.

Tsukada's butt at least was on topic, and my reason to post Imai Tsubasa's butt was sound. It was posting Kitayama's butt on a flimsy excuse and adding a butt tag that made me realize something had to be done.

Luckily, [ profile] curiosa_cabinet was more forward than I and stated what I had been thinking for days: "We should make a butt community". And so we did.

[ profile] je_butts

We decided to make it about all JE butts, not just Tsuka's and Tsubasa's, so join and post pictures of your favorite JE butts! You know you want to.

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