Mar. 13th, 2013 03:48 pm
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Winter is back with a vengeance. Snowstorm! The fishpond looks quite different in this weather. The fish should be fine, but I hope the frogs survive, they came out of their wintersleep when it was so warm last week.


Mar. 4th, 2013 05:51 pm
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At least two of the frogs have survived the winter. I can hear them croaking already. No pictures as yet, since they (as well as my fishy minions) are very shy right after winter.

I just wish the gray heron would stop landing in my garden twice a day. Yes, my fishies are probably tasty. No, you can't have them. Go away.

I've started to feed my fishy minions again, so they'll hopefully grow tame again soon. Damn their short memory.
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The search for butt pictures continues, not quite as successfully as I'd have hoped. Clearly I've capped and posted too many butts already. Whoops?

At least this project has made me re-watch a lot of very awesome stuff.
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I love the way Hikaru's eyes flick back to Subaru~ yes, Hikaru, he IS that weird XD
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Over on [ profile] je_butts I rashly promised to post 100 butt pictures to celebrate the 100th post... I can't post 100 pics of Tsukada's ass (no matter how much certain people would appreciate that), so I've been searching through older videos, hoping to find some different butts that haven't been posted yet. Already dug up a Hikaru Genji concert from 1993 on a vague memory of Osawa Mikio waving his butt at the camera at some point.

Anyway~ while sorting through various videos, I ended up watching some Ya-ya-yah performances from 2003 (not looking for butts there, obviously), and remembered how much I used to adore Hikaru.


God, he was just the most adorable child ever.

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Can there be anything more adorable than Kitayama scratching the tip of his nose? *dies*
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I just noticed I haven't posted here in almost a year... whoops!

Ebi's new DVD is so hilarious, I just had to make a few gifs:

Goseki-sama! ♥

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Changed my icons for the first time in more than two years, and it's totally weird~

Will definitely take some time until I don't go "eeeh?" anymore every time I see my new default icon. I don't even know why I didn't have any Yokoo/Nika icons before... makes no sense *laughs*

Plus, I've finally got a Sakuma icon (made by [ profile] mhtbleach ♥ like most of my icons), so I don't need to use the Takki-kiss icon for snowmen related comments anymore. Though Takki is always appropriate inappropriate appropriate for juniors and especially snowmen.


Aug. 15th, 2011 08:37 pm
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XD Do you think it'll turn into a prince if you kiss it?


Mar. 4th, 2011 02:40 pm
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Easter is approaching. Or at least I can find no other explanation for this:

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Noticed something at the bookstore today:

Yes, Dragonball sorted as boyslove. Whoever did that probably assumed that anything with the word "balls" in the title must be gay porn.

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This weekend was fun~ ask the frog!

It kept sitting on my hand for a good five minutes. Such cute little froggy toes! The goldfish were less impressed, and didn't let me pet them.

And some new clothes~ )
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It seems I never post in my own journal... ooops?

Well, have some cake:

Baked this one together with my grandma~ because of the chocolate criss-crossing, it doesn't look as boring as the applecake or cheesecake I usually bake.

And the plant that's been hanging in my gran's hallway for a decade suddenly decided it wanted to bloom. WTF. Pink~


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